Come enjoy a relaxing day at our spa and receive the best treatment for your body, mind and soul. We offer a wide variety of services from LaStone hot stone massage to luxurious spa body treatments and even self tanning applications. At Spavelous, you will enjoy a relaxing and memorable experience ~ so much so that you will want to come back the next day! We look forward to serving you, your friends and your family. Best Scottsdale Massage


Spavelous “Resort Spa Treatment Quality at Less than Day Spa Prices”


Promote health, relaxation and emotional well being by increasing circulation and mobility, removing stress, and receiving care in a nurturing environment.

  • Custom Massage

Melt away stress, relax sore muscles, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, promote health and feel great.

Recommended for relaxation/stress management and pain relief

Customized to your needs by combining massage and bodywork techniques such as Swedish, deep tissues, myofascial, trigger point, warm stone and/or cold therapy and aromatherapy.


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  • LaStone Therapy “The original hot stone massage”

Stress simply melts away while warm stones and long flowing strokes are combined to ease tension from the body.  Heated, smooth flat stones are placed on key points on the body and used to perform the massage. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system creating a whole new level of relaxation.  Chakra stones are used to balance your body’s natural rhythms.  Cold stones may be used as necessary for inflammation.

This therapy is extremely effective both in stress reduction and in resolving chronic conditions because it blends traditional hydrotherapy benefits with modern massage therapy to provide long lasting results. Because heat has an amazing ability to release tension and relax muscles, Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate in stress relief.

Recommended for those who need to find balance in their life, individuals with dry skin or people who think too much.


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  • Aromatherapy Massage

This is a perfect union of the gentle touch of massage with the healing effects of aromatic oils. Your sense of smell is linked directly to your brain; Aromatherapy immediately affects your mood. Essences from the essential oils of flowers, plants and herbs are blended to create scents that alter stress levels, energy levels and sensuality. Massaging these oils into your skin intensifies this effect - you will notice the difference in seconds. Add extra benefits to your massage with an essential oil upgrade at no extra charge.

Not recommended for people with botanical allergies or sensitive skin.


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  • Therapeutic Massage

Alleviate pain and dysfunction through skillful manipulation of the muscles restoring balance to overworked or injured tissues. Therapeutic massage is effective in treating a variety of conditions such as pain, stiffness, headaches, athletic injury rehabilitation and repetitive strains. Can include deep tissue work or lighter pressure strokes - please specify your preference.

Recommended for healthy athletic individuals with active lifestyles


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  • Reflexology Foot Massage and Treatment

A thorough and satisfying foot treatment that relaxes foot and body tension, improves circulation and restores equilibrium by stimulating the body's own healing processes. It utilizes pressure points in the feet to stimulate corresponding organs within the body, thereby unblocking the body's energy and restoring overall health. Enjoy a reflexology treatment combined with a foot scrub and peppermint foot lotion or cooling gel. A great way to treat those tired feet


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  • Rejuvenating Face Massage

Stress is often reflected in your face. As stress increases, the muscles in your face, head, neck and shoulders tighten and cause chronic discomfort. Releasing these muscles fights existing wrinkles and adhesions, helps prevent future issues and also leaves your whole being feeling relaxed, peaceful and rejuvenated!

The Unique Ayurvedic Skin Care Rejuvenating Face Massage accomplishes a non-invasive, wrinkle reduction. Facial massage integrating Ayurvedic massage theories and techniques, energy balancing, pressure point stimulation and combining them with what's known about the signs of aging has led to the development of a concise, results-driven technique that gives an anti-aging option outside of surgical remedies.


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