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Historically, retirement was a stage of life few individuals lived long enough to experience or enjoy. But nowadays we associate retirement with leisure, travel, family activities, hobbies, and educational pursuits. Senior Reference Guide is here to help you do these and more ...


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Potentially, that's 30 years in retirement if you stop working at 65. With our longer life spans, financial planning for retirement has never been more important if we want to maintain our lifestyle over the long term.
This simply means that planning is an evolving process because life is fluid and ever changing. There are a multitude of changes and modifications, such as shifts in financial markets and changes to tax rates or government programs that take place over time that will affect the outcome of your retirement and financial plan. Analyzing how these changes impact your retirement income and cash flow over a 30-year retirement is no small task.

There are many factors to be considered when planning for retirement. We need to put together an expense budget for "survival needs" and "lifestyle" expenses. Survival needs are non-negotiable expenses, and they should be secured with income-producing assets like pensions, annuities, social security, rental income, and bond income that are independent from stock market declines. Lifestyle expenses are discretionary and negotiable, (entertainment, eating out, travel, vacations, new car, luxury items) and they are usually funded with income and capital gains generated from a balanced portfolio of stocks, fixed income, and cash. With a long retirement on the horizon, a portfolio is a necessary component to keep pace with inflation. Most people underestimate the impact of inflation on their retirement plans. We need growth in our portfolios.


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