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Historically, retirement was a stage of life few individuals lived long enough to experience or enjoy. But nowadays we associate retirement with leisure, travel, family activities, hobbies, and educational pursuits. Senior Reference Guide is here to help you do these and more ...


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Retirement Financial Planning

Everyone is needed financial security in some current stage of their life. While financial security in retirement is involving more freedom from fear and anxiety about having sufficient financial resources in later life. Whether considered from an individual perspective or from a societal view, the attainment of financial security in retirement may hold challenges.

From an individual perspective, financial security is subjective, grounded in psychological and spiritual considerations. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and employment-based retirement programs all face structural challenges, and few baby boomers can look forward to retirement either with pensions they will not outlive or savings and investments sufficient to finance their current lifestyles.

A frailty planning strategy that relies on impoverishment (Medicaid) is likely to negatively impact both a retirement income plan and an estate plan. No choice, however, is free of consequences, and financial security depends primarily upon having made adequate preparation for all important elements.

Our Team at Senior Reference Guide will guide and research the latest retirement financial issues to help you through your retirement years.

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